Creation of the hipster part 2

As expected the bits arrived today. Which means the alternate head arrived. This one has more “hipster” like glasses on it, they are meant to be wire frames! But also a couple of beanies were also in the order, along with a tile made to look like an iPad (this will be added to my minifig of me as a lecturer). There is also a cowboy/trilby hat and two more tiles to add to the hipster in the form of a record sleeve and a smartphone.

For me a lot of the time the accessories can make or break a minifig like this.

Now I know these two accessories along with the star bricks coffee really do add to this minifig being a hipster.

When designing a minifig I really should sketch out, however badly a plan for the figure. At the moment the design lives in my head. I then spend ages trawling the sites looking for the bits that look right for what I'm trying to create. Luckily so far I have found the bits I want on the sites. Which means for the moment I haven't had to create my own custom parts, nor have I had to create custom decals. At some point down the road I can see myself getting a 3D printer!

So while this model is getting close to being finished, I'm just awaiting the flat cap from the U.S. now as the finishing touch for this figure. I do prefer the new head for this figure, but what do you think? Which head do you prefer?


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