Challenge Update Mar 17

I thought I would do a challenge update post. A kind of public admission of guilt for how poorly (spoiler alert) I’m doing.

First up “My Big Game Challenge”.

I’ve actually added a new game to this challenge. That game being the epic hidden traitor game Battlestar Galactica. So does that make the challenge harder? I don’t know. But I did manage to tick one off the list, when I managed to finally get Mechs vs Minions to the table. As regular readers will know I did rather like this game. Xia: Legends of a Drift System won’t be hitting the table until the later half of the year. Mainly because I don’t have the game yet, and my copy via Kickstarter is delayed until June I believe.

The second and final challenge I set myself was my “City Building Challenge”.

There has been no progress made on this challenge. I know technically I’ve played three of the games (Dice City was played before the recording of plays) and I fiddled the start date to take into account Porta Nigra having been played. But still this should be the easier challenge to complete, or even make progress on, and I have not.

So despite a record breaking gaming month for me in February, the progress so far on these challenges is slow.

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