Catch Me If You Can…

Ok I've never actually seen that DiCaprio/Hanks movie. But if you are at the expo over the weekend you might see my dwarfish likeness wandering around.

Please say hi, it'd make my day.

I'll have my Netrunner decks with me, Epic with the demigods constructed decks, couple of Magic duel decks, Bohemian Villages, so if any of those take your fancy I'd love to play them with you.

Oh and I'll have Ashes with me too.

But I'm up for playing/trying most games.

Or you are more than welcome to bend my ear about how unfair my opinions of wargames is, or how Caverna is the best game ever.

Anyhow hope to bump into some of you and have a great expo.

UPDATE: Friday at 4pm There should be some Ashes action going on that will be in one of the open gaming rooms in the hotel part of the expo either the Warwick room or the Palace suite.

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