BTN Oct16

Yep that’s another month gone, and we are even closer to the year end.

Out of the 28 games that made it to the table, 10 of them were new (or new to me). That’s not bad. It means I also played 18 games I’d enjoyed previously.

So what does my gaming trend look like? Well the dip has been reversed. Which is always nice.

My game of the month

This was a no brainer for me. I’ve based the decision on the experience I had while playing the game. I had such a blast whilst playing it had to be this game. Oh it’s Escape from Colditz. 

Really great thematic packaging. Fantastic component quality. Rule book could do with improving. Osprey did an amazing job with this reprint.

Worst game of the month

I’ve had a great month of gaming and nothing has qualified for this award this month. Which is always nice to see I’m playing quality games.

Well that’s it for another boring stats post. 

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