BTN June 17

June started off with the UK Games Expo. I played some games there but not as many as the majority who attended I would imagine.

Dale and I are playing Star Wars:Destiny a LOT! Which has really pushed up the number of plays this month. With playing it so much is it no wonder it was number 3 in my Top 100 Games (that I own and have played)?

I am surprised how few actual games I have played this month. I know that I was unable to attend one FEG@WL this month, and a couple of weekend sessions fell through. But still I’m shocked at how low this was. Probably one of the lowest months on that front.

Let’s look at some other measures. Still no attractive graph. So you are stuck with plain raw data.

The final section as usual presents the data graphically so we can try and see trends.

My Game of the Month…

Out of the new games to me that I played this month, only one really warrants this prestigious award, and that’s Orleans . The other new games for the month were on the whole good, but not game of the month material. Ok Kanagawa may have got it otherwise.  

Worst Game of the Month…

This won’t come as any surprise to anyone, but we do have a candidate for this infamous award this month. Do bears shit in the woods? Well they have and it contained this game. Yep Barenpark is my Worst Game of the Month for June. I’m not going to say anything else about this horrendous game. I’ve already said enough about it through out the month.

Hopefully hitting the table in July…

But going to put the ones from the last month back on for July.

  • Magic the Gathering – hoping to get a league running for the Summer.
  • Broom Service – final month on this list.
  • Mech vs Minions – no movement on this either.

  • The weekly Friday Evening Gaming at The White Lion (or FEG@WL as I call it)
  • Every second Wednesday of the month we have our monthly meet up. This month that second Wednesday is 12th, and will be at The White Lion.

If you are in the area and want to attend one of the events, please visit the Fenland Gamers Facebook page for further details about the event. Hope to see you there.

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