Boba Fett Infamous Bounty Hunter

And here we go, and here we go, another character from the Imperial Assault Wave Two expansions. This time it's a Villian pack and is Boba Fett, Infamous Bounty Hunter.

Now I think Boba Fett is a cool looking character. However! I just don't get all this fandom for him. I mean in Empire all he does is ferry the frozen carbon body of Han back to Jabba the Hutt. He didn't even capture Han, Darth Vader did all the hard work there.
Then in Return, he stands around looking cool at Jabba's Palace, first bit of action he ends up in the belly of that sand pit monster after a nearly blind Han takes him out by accident! Hardly the stuff of legends

Anyway as the photo above shows the sculpt for Boba Fett is pretty cool looking. Ok that's an understatement it's bloody amazing. It really does capture the coolness that is Boba Fett.

Below shows the two new skirmish mission cards that come with Fett.

Fett gets three new command cards, one specific to him. Plus there is a new status introduced Weakened. There are no new tokens (yet – maybe Team Covenent will release some) for this new status included with Boba Fett. FFG suggest using coins or whatever is to hand at the moment.

Boba Fett has the following character card, six movement! Then look at his abilities. I can easily see Fett being a skirmish favourite.

Below is the mission sheet showing the skirmish map. Continuing my self imposed ban I haven't shown the campaign side to maintain some mystery for the campaign player.

Once again I present the campaign cards that come with Boba Fett, but remember I don't (or haven't yet) play the game as a campaign.

I think with Boba Fett, and IG-88 a bounty hunter skirmish squad is going to start becoming a thing. Boba Fett is a very strong addition to the game. I may not understand his following but that doesn't stop me appreciating how cool this figure is.


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