Betrayal at work

Yesterday I tasted defeat from the jaws of victory.

During a break yesterday I introduced three students to the best of the Tiny Epic range so far Tiny Epic Galaxies.

After a couple of turns they had picked the game up and were colonising planets to push them closer to the victory.

Funnily enough students love getting one over their tutor in a game. It comes with the territory of the job. So it was no big surprise having planets I was trying to colonise being stolen from underneath me.

But still I managed to hit the 21 victory points to trigger the end game. My nearest rival who had been in the lead upto that point was on 17 victory points. He took his last turn unable to do anything to increase his points. I shouldn't have done it but I took that top left picture of him in despair and being comforted by a classmate. It was tempting fate.

The student after him then turned Kingmaker, and took two actions that gave my nearest rival 5 more victory points and the win!! The douche had done the ultimate betrayal!!! The left middle photo is of said king making douche.

Naturally I took having the win stolen from me badly. The shock of betrayal just added salt to the wound. Which for the students made the victory even sweeter.

I like playing tabletops with my students. It's going to be something I miss from the job. For a few it's the first exposure to games that are not mainstream fair. It's nice to show them that the world as they know it is in fact a pretty big place.


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