Battle Royale

By now regular readers will know that Tuesday evenings are now a gaming evening with the Chatteris Warlords. Which strangely enough is located in what can only be described as an O2 data network black hole. Yes despite having a signal to make calls, being able to get email, post to social media on your mobile device of choice (why anyone would want anything other than an iPhone I find mystifying) is not possible!

Luckily (or not depending on your point of view) the working mans club the Chatteris Warlords meet up at has free wifi. So I'm able to update social media etc once in the building.

Last night was a first for me playing Star Realms. How so? Well we played a four player game.

While with the core game, the odd promo, and Crisis expansion (minus using the Heroes) was more than enough cards to play with, what I didn't have enough of were the starting cards of explorers and vipers. There were only enough for two players. Once I get my hands on a Colony Wars set this situation will be resolved. However that didn't help last night. So we improvised. What we ended up doing was proxying some of the gambit and hero cards as vipers and explorers by slipping in a bit of paper in the sleeves with viper or explorer written on them. Not ideal, but workable.

Our four player game was being played as a free for all. So anyone could attack anyone else.

Ben and myself and played before. Ok Ben had been playing for a week. The other two players this was their first game.

As the photo above shows I had a great base and outpost setup for the later stages of the game. I was also down to just pure great cards each turn, which included The Ark and The Command Ship (got a turn before before being knocked out of the game). The only way I'd really want to improve the above was by having a Mech World there, but that went early on to the noobs. But everyone did quickly learn how bad ass Fleet HQ was once I got it.

The noob next to me also got a bases and outposts wall up in front of him. I should have destroyed it when I had a thirty point face smash to deal out. But instead I took Ben out of the game because I saw him as the bigger threat.

The noob opposite me I'd already knocked down to nine authority previously. Had no bases/outposts that would pose a problem or effective defense. Plus wasn't comboing big hits.

But the noob next to me, with his bases and outposts, was able to combo up taking out my outposts and having enough authority to smack me out of the game.

That meant the noob opposite had a single shot at taking the noob next to me. He gave it a good shot. Managed to get to twenty odd points to attack with. But not enough to win the game. Next go the noob next to me won.

I enjoyed playing Star Realms like this. There wasn't too much of everyone just ganging up on a single person. It seemed fairly even with everyone attacking everyone else. Although it is possible to have one against many.

My final game of the evening was a quick game of Batman Love Letter that I taught to a couple of people. Which both enjoyed.

A fun evening of gaming. Lots of different games going on, Bolt Action, X-Wing and that WWII airplane game that inspired/influenced X-Wing to name a few.

4 thoughts on “Battle Royale

  1. Okay if I can’t beat you on the tabletop I will just have to do it online instead 😉

    Sorry the game took so long just kept on being interrupted .. sigh..

      1. excellent just reading about it 🙂 – anyhow looks like you may have me on game 3 but as the song goes 2 out of three aint bad

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