Bargains Arrive

Yesterday after a hard day at the ol' mine face known as work I arrived home to the delightful surprise of some new arrivals.

You will remember I have previously pointed out that it is now possible to avoid the eBay fleecers and get the Tabletop promo card for Dead of Winter for a bargain five dollars plus postage.

Now this may seem an odd thing to say but I'm a kind of an off and on again Felcia Day fan. For those not in the know about who Felcia Day is, she is an actress, writer, and producer. Much of her fame comes from the geek/nerd culture world. I do like the web series she wrote and starred in called The Guild. What I'm not a big fan of is Felcia Day the personality.

Now this for some, nay many geeky/nerdy fans out there be heresy. But I'm man enough to take any flak. I just find that when she is on shows like Tabletop or her show co-optitude with her brother that she really really really irritates me. Especially when she plays the coy “am I cute?”, or “because I'm cute” look. It just grates. I'm a rational sane person, despite how sad I must appear at this point in time. I just hope that is some act that Felcia puts on for the cameras.

So why if at best I can be described as a luke warm Felcia fan did I want this promo? If nothing else has been established on this blog since it became about gaming that one of my personality quirks is that I'm kind of a complentionist. That some part of my DNA that defines who I am, there are some chromosomes that switched on this flaw within me. The other reason is heck I can banish Felcia from the colony of survivors, basically throw her to the zombies!

The other bargain that arrived was Run, Fight or Die with the two expansions I wanted. Which if you remember I got at a great price compared to what Amazon were asking.

I'll look at this dice rolling, push your luck zombie based game in another post once I get a chance to play it.


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