Portal Games announce a new faction for Imperial Settlers called Aztecs.

Here are the details straight off the web page for the Aztecs faction.

Imperial Settlers: Aztecs, an expansion that requires the base game to play. The expansion includes a new faction board, the Aztecs faction deck, blessing tokens, and expansion cards for the original factions that complement the Aztecs abilities.

The Aztecs bring new rules and a new resource to the world of Imperial Settlers! Prayer actions and blessing tokens will bring religion to the world of Settlers. The Aztecs build temples, organize festivals and ceremonies to gain favors and be blessed! With this expansion all other factions will also be able to add religion and their own pantheon of gods to their Empires.

So Aztecs becomes the sixth faction for the game, and the fourth expansion.

Not only that, but this weekend only you can pre-order the Aztecs faction for $20 plus postage instead of $30 plus postage. A ten dollar saving for those poor at maths. Here is the LINK if you are reading this in time.

I know need to get this to the table more.


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