Amonkhet Bundle Pack

I can’t believe that I missed getting this bundle in for Amonkhet.

Let’s jump in with more content lite. You already know what I think about the vfm for the bundles from previous posts.

In the players guide it has The Top Ten Coolest Amonkhet Cards. So how many of them do I have?

  1. Nissa, Steward of Elements
  2. Kefnet the Mindful
  3. Trial of Solidarity
  4. Liliana, Death’s Majesty
  5. Never/Return
  6. As Foretold
  7. Glorybringer
  8. Honored Hydra
  9. Wayward Servant
  10. Channeler Initiate

I actually like the look of that Nissa too. I think she could fit into the unconstruction Dinosaur tribal deck I’m playing. Getting the 5 or less converted mana cost creatures out for free would be a very useful thing to have. Scry 2 isn’t a bad ability either.

But what did you pull Darren?

  • 3 full art lands

  • 3 shiny Foils

Followed by the following rares/Mythics…

  • 2 Legendary creatures

Well apart from a couple of target buys like Nissa and As Foretold, this is my farewell to Amonkhet.

The art on a lot of these cards has been amazing. It’s been fun. I enjoyed playing with the cards in our league. I will pay a little visit to Hour of Devastation, so I won’t be saying good bye completely to this plane.

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