A Surprise Kickstarter Arrival

A package arrived this morning, excitedly I opened it wondering if it was Epic the card game or Tiny Epic Galaxies. But it was neither but just as cool. My copy of The Story of U.S. Gold arrived plus all the extras I had paid for.

The book is awesome. But the highlight for me was a copy of Dropzone signed by the developer himself Archer MacLean. I had this game on the Commodore 64 when it came out. It was an instance classic. zzap64! (Definitely my favourite gaming magazine at the time) gave the game one of its exclusive Gold Medals. I think the only way I could top this in my collection is if I got some signed Llamasoft games by Jeff Minter.
Plus I also got a signed postcard of the loading screen also.

I'd forgotten about this bit of the pledge level, but there was also a cd of remixed C64 game chip tunes. I have to admit I love listening to the old game music on the C64. It's probably the majority of music I listen to, if I listen to music in the car (mostly its audio books or podcasts).

In the very top photo you will also see what looks like a U.S. Gold badge but is in fact a fridge magnet. That went straight on to my fridge ^__^

A really nice surprise this morning a great way to start the weekend.


2 thoughts on “A Surprise Kickstarter Arrival

  1. Hi Darren,

    U.S Gold – a genuine legend among 1980’s gamers.

    Very cool to have Archer MacLean’s autograph on those items.

    All in all, a very nice little package, my friend.

    All the best!


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