A Short Post About Tuesday

Tuesday at the Warlords Chatteris club night saw some games being played by others.

However I did get to introduce John (owner of my FLGS The Hobbit Hole) to Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn.

After “quickly” constructing two decks from the suggested ones in the rule book (which is a nice touch) it was time for…

I was playing Saria while John played Aradel. Coming from a Magic background John picked up the game quickly.

It was cool forcing John to mill cards from his deck. But I just wasn't doing it quick enough to have an impact on Aradels health. Although it was reducing his ability to do stuff like focusing ready spells.

However John ended up the victor. He enjoyed the game. But enough to start promoting it in store? Not yet. I'm going to have to arrange with him a demo day.

We did open up one of the OP kits I've got in for the tournament at the end of August. Oh boy the first place prize play mat is beautiful. It's nice that they included a full colour glossy copy of the organising an OP event booklet (also available as a PDF on their website). It's miles better than the FFG one that goes in the FFG OP kits.

I also have a load of these dice pool position cards from DriveThrough Cards done by an Ashes fan (can't remember who) to use at either a demo event or the OP in August. There might be enough for both actually.

So watch out for a demo day for Ashes at The Hobbit Hole either July or early August.


15 thoughts on “A Short Post About Tuesday

  1. Hi there!

    Just started playing Ashes in the Peterborough area and noticed on Plaid Hat that there is an event at Chatteris in August at the Hobbit Hole, is this the one you are helping to organise and if so what is the best way to go about getting involved as can’t see any mention of this on HHs website?

    looking forward to trying out my first constructed deck.

    1. Hi Tom, yes it is. The HH can be a bit slow in advertising events. However turn up on the day, leave a message on the PH page saying you are coming.
      If you want some games in meantime let me know and we can arrange to meet up and play a game or two.

      1. Hi there,

        Seems like I forgot to click the “notify me of follow up comments” button so missed this!

        Would love a few games, although it would have to be week starting the 18th, as getting married next week!

          1. Hey there, you free next week for some ashes, either constructed or pre con, also how’s the tournament going? Nothing on hobbit holes Facebook yet…?

          2. I can’t do next weekend I’m away visiting my son. Unless you can do Friday evening? Otherwise the following weekend I’m free. I’ll get the Hobbit Hole to sort that out. Still best place for details and signing up is the Plaidhat event page.

          1. I’m a member of the working men’s club there – so I can sign you in as a guest in there. Shall we meet up there at 6:30 when it opens?

          2. Sounds good, looking forward to it, do you want to try out constructed (have a few ideas) or pre constructed?

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