A Saturday Morning Realisation

This morning I spent a bit of time organising my growing Android:Netrunner cards. Adding in the new Order and Chaos cards into their respective sections, then finally adding in the second core set. But as I sat there at my “gaming” table it suddenly hit me how much pleasure I get out of just organising my games. It was fun organising the storage/filing of the Marvel Legendary base set and its expansions. I also enjoyed the organising of the Legendary Encounters:Alien game also. Why does this activity bring me so much joy? I know I have certain tendencies that would place me on the autistic spectrum. But does this explain why I like the organising? Those that know me would scoff at the organising as something I enjoy. My desk at work looks like a landfill, and my filing system can best be described as the pile method. Yet it works for me. I know what stuff is in which pile. But does that not seem at odds with the organising of the contents of my games? In a way I don't think so. It's just a different form of organising. Less chaotic than my pile system that annoys people. Maybe it's while I'm organising the components of a game I'm focused and in a zone, I won't go as far as saying its flow, but not far off. Could it be a distraction for my mind, helping to process other thoughts? Maybe I'm over thinking this and just accept that this is something I enjoy and leave it at that.


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