A New Survivor and Another Bites The Dust

Bill arrived today. He is the character you get in the third game night kit for Zombicide. I got Bill from a trade on the Facebook selling and trading page I follow. Luckily I had something to trade. I traded Kyoko from the first game night kit. Which leaves me with one more Kyoko to trade at a future date.

At some point in the near future I will hold another Zombicide game night. For that I will use the game night two kit that I have. The game night kits are cool. They have scenarios specific to that kit, although you could use any scenario you want. Plus you get figures that you can give away to those who participate. For my game nights it means that my fellow gamers have a rather cool momento of the evening.

So even now that I have Bill. I know that I will be trying to source my own copy of the full game night three kit at some point in the future.

The replacement figures for Mitch and Elsa arrived this weeke also. Just in time to witness the demise of Raoul. How could this be? Well this morning when I was just about to leave the house I noticed the chewed remains of the zombivore version of Raoul.

During the night a little silent assassin had scrambled onto the table, by passed the decoy figures (the chewed models of Mitch and Elsa) and helped himself to yet another figure.

My cunning decoy plan failed. So once more I have to source replacements because a monster can't tell that Zombicide figures have no nutritional value and are not snacks.

It's that or I petition Cool Mini or Not to stop making their figures out of dog treats.


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