3D Tokens Revisited

After my previous post about the 3D tokens for Imperial Assault I’d had printed. A friend pointed out that I should have printed the ones that allowed the actual tokens from the game to be used. Apparently from time to time the token colour may matter for a mission. The friend also kindly linked to the 3D designs I could use.

So here we are with the new version of the crates and terminals that allow the original cardboard tokens to be used with them.

More viewing recommendations

If you get a chance, I highly recommend Please Stand By starring Dakota Fanning.

I thought it might be the Star Trek answer to Fanboys. But it’s a different movie entirely really. I think Fannings performance as an autistic girl is really good. I think she portrays the character well. For me the star of the movie is the chihuahua Pete, her pet dog. He steals the scenes that he’s in. But overall I think the movie treats Fannings character and her autism very sympathetically, and in a very positive light. With this movie and The Alienist I think Fanning has upped her game, and putting in some really solid performances.

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