Start selling your organs

Next week sees Gen Con taking place. Where publishers will be vying for the publics attention with over priced stands, and sneak peaks at games about to be released, along with the obligatory big news announcements to try and grab the attention of those unable to attend.

However FFG are getting a jump start on the competition and their sister companies in the Asmodee collective by releasing what seems like almost daily or every other day news announcements about their upcoming roster of games and expansions.

Today FFG have decided that they haven’t got enough of our money and they want you to be selling organs as well.

They are going to be turning you into gaming junkies with their new collectable dice game Star Wars Destiny.

At first reading I instantly thought Star Wars dice masters. But after skim reading the article it also has a card/deck building element. So must go watch the videos etc later after I’ve done some gaming this evening.

The game hits your FLGS or “dealer” as they now be known in November.

Here is the official announcement

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