13Mar16 through the letter box

Not much landed through the letter box this week.

The latest expansion for Tokaido, Matsuri arrived. This adds even more depth to the game, this time festivals that happen when the travellers arrive at the inns. Plus there are even more characters to choose from.

The annoying thing about the expansion adding more travellers to chose from is having just gotten the deluxe upgrade kit that has models for all the travellers in the base game and Crossroads, not having figures for these new characters is annoying.

One thing I think may come across when I talk about Netrunner is how much I love the theme of the game. The whole cyberpunk setting, hackers verses the evil corporations. The world of Android that Netrunner is set in, is dark and seedy, and bought to life brilliantly by the art work and flavour text on the cards.

Now FFG have released Worlds of Android. A beautiful book with so much background into the android universe, and some stunning artwork. With the deluxe version you get a playmat, four prints, and the book itself.

I think you will agree that the prints and the playmat look stunning.

Finally the Alliance Smuggler for Imperial Assault arrived, and a second track (not counting the base set one) to be used in the Fenland Gamers Formula D league that will be kicking off at the end of April.


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