Verses: Scythe vs Viticulture Essential Edition

I knew my two favourite Jamey Stegmaier games would eventually go head to head against each other. It’s like the Merseyside derby (Liverpool vs Everton for none football fans) but with boardgames. 

Alternate East European history vs wine growing in Italy.

Both games look stunning. But Scythe has jaw dropping stunning art.

For me Scythe just has an epic feel to it. There is a bit more player interaction in Scythe via the combat, and having to watch neighbours moves so you can claim bonuses.

I do enjoy the worker placement of Viticulture. Throw in Tuscany with all it brings to the table with the new board and modules, lots and lots of replayability and depth. 

Momma and Poppas gives unique starting resources to each player in Viticulture. But Scythe and it’s player and faction boards giving unique action combos and starting resources pips Momma and Poppas.

For me Scythe is the winner here. Theme, art, mechanics it wins hands down.

This match up didn’t attract as much comment as previous verses. Maybe folks are getting bored of them. Mind you I know which one Jonathan would have chosen. He’s a growing wine in Italy through and through. 

2 thoughts on “Verses: Scythe vs Viticulture Essential Edition

  1. Yes, I think it would be Viticulture for me, although I haven’t played as much Scythe to make a fair judgement.

    Your comment ‘growing wine in Italy’ has me a little confused – is that unique to Italy or have some of the other wine producing nations managed to develop hybrid vines to grow glass bottles filled with luscious wine? 😀

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