Before I start this post I want to get this out there and make it perfectly clear for the record it WAS NOT my birthday yesterday it is NEXT WEEK.

There got it out of the way. Now I can tell you about this marvellous, amazing and some more adjectives that my limit vocabulary can't think of at this point in time, EARLY birthday cake that Doreen the mother of my friend made for me yesterday.

The cake was early because this master baker is going to be on holiday whilst it is my birthday. Doreen makes cakes that deserve to be on the tables of the gods. They are just simply divine.

For the record the only thing not edible on the cake were the Lego figures. Yep that's right those Lego bricks are edible, made from chocolate. That is attention to detail and dedication to the craft.

There was banter with my friend in previous weeks in the run up to next week, when I found out that there would be no birthday cake. I was my usual obnoxious self claiming my birthday would be ruined without a cake from Doreen. How could she do this to me? Well if my birthday was going to be ruined I'd use my contacts north of the border to return the favour for her holiday. Naturally my friend was just stoking things up, enjoying my wining knowing full well what had been plotted.

Apparently the rest of the office knew about the cake! Although it nearly did get let out of the bag the night before by one of them. But it went over my head, I was more concerned that they thought I would only be unbearable on my birthday and not everyday. Really!

The cake was a total surprise I had no idea. However there was a catch with having such an incredible cake. I had to share it with my colleagues. Like magic, cake always comes with a price dearie. And sharing with the the hoi pollio of the office would be the price I would be burdened with. The sacrifices and pain I endure for cake.

I owe Doreen such a big thank you. Words don't seem to describe how grateful I am, and in awe at this fantastic cake.

In a dark week this has been a beacon of light thank you so much Doreen and the mystery daughter who can not be named because of her left handedness and crippling gingerness.


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