Pandemic Legacy February

Ok so here is the warning if the above image isn't enough of a clue for you, this post may or may not contain spoilers for the rather excellent boardgame Pandemic Legacy. So if you want to avoid spoilers I'll see you in the next post.

Last night saw the bruised from defeat team of Matt, Jonathan, Debbie and myself once more take on Pandemic Legacy for the month of February.

For those following our journey through the game, the game beat us twice for the month of January. If you lose the first attempt, you try again and then that's it.

We were starting the month of February with the full compliment of eight funded events in the players deck, plus the three unfunded events.

Once again for the month of February our objective was to find cures for the three viruses that could be cured. The scenario for February saw COdA-403b take a turn for the worst, it had gotten stronger and now couldn't be treated or cured!

Luckily we could now quarantine cities, and also had a new member of the team to select if we wanted to. We decided that we were comfortable with our current roles and would stick with them.

During setup we allowed to define relationships between our characters, which meant we would need to name our characters. I named mine the token sexy scientist! While Matts dispatcher was named Zardoz (after the Sean Connery movie he had gotten recently), Debbie named her researcher B after her nickname. Finally Jonathan named his medic Hawkeye after the character from that long running hit black comedy series set in the Korean War M.A.S.H.

I can't remember all the relationships, they will be revealed at the end when I put up all the characters we played during the game. My Token Sexy Scientist was rivals with Hawkeye, and co-workers with Zardoz.

The relationships were important because they bestowed extra abilities on the player if they were in the same city together, like getting an extra action.

After doing the initial infection and placing one quarantine marker on a city, we decided to start at the Atlanta research station. We stood good chance of getting an early win on finding a cure for C-Thatcam Major, and eradicating it. Which we did.

The game was very tense but we were able to manipulate our use of event cards so that the rivalry between myself and Hawkeye worked in our favour, so that we were able to get multiple uses out of some of the event cards.

Soon with not only curing the black virus but eradicating it, we were looking hopefully at trying to cure the yellow one to get a win.

But COdA-403b was proving a headache, we had team members permantly camped in the region moving and quarantining cities to prevent outbreaks when an infection happened.

While we were trying to get the dispatcher to a research station with enough yellow cards to find the cure, we were fire fighting COdA-403b trying to block a pandemic because that would lose us the game with only four red cubes left in the supply, and watching the player deck getting dangerously low, things were getting nail biting nervous.

We were on a knives edge, victory on one side, another defeat the other. It could easily have gone either way. But we did it, we WON! Matt's dispatcher got to a research lab and found a cure!!!!

The black virus was named Sithite from now on.

For our end of game bonuses we chose to turn our third research lab into a third possible starting lab, and for C-Thatcam Major we no longer need to be in a research station to make a cure for it.

There are also two new funded event cards to choose from, plus for the March game our funding drops to six because we did such a good job in February.

As a bonus we also get to place an extra quarantine marker at the start of March. However memories of our failures for January came back to haunt us as we had to tear up the mystery bonus for winning January, which we will never know what it was.

Onto March…


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  1. If you were using the same characters as in January, then you weren’t creating new characters in February and therefore shouldn’t have been assigning any relationships. Relationships are only to be assigned between newly created characters (being used for the first time) and existing characters (those which have already been used).

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