OMG! Did I just hear that right?

Each day I have an hours drive to and from work. I love it. Yeah sounds weird I know but hear me out. I usually take back roads, avoiding the main A road that I could take. It means I get to go along bumpier (Fenland roads aren’t known for being flat, it’s the shrinking peat etc they are built on) and more scenic roads than I would. I’ve seen deer, red kites, hawks, barn owls, pheasants etc on my drive into work.

It also means I listen to podcasts and audio books on my commute. I have a US and UK Audible account, plus naturally I listen to gaming related podcasts.

On my drive in this morning I was listening to the latest podcast from The Dice Tower, episode 490. In this episode Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer in the main spot after answering some listener questions did their top ten most anticipated games of 2017.

They did Tom’s list first, it was the usual fare. I think maybe one or two had made my radar as well. They then went on to Eric’s list. Once again an interesting list until he got to number two. Wait! What did Eric just say? Streets of Commonville? How does he know about this? He’s a big Police Precinct fan? OMG! Thats Jonathan and Rebekah’s game!!!

I wonder if Eric knows this is as far as I know only going to be a print and play. Or was the last time I heard any news about the game. Has there been a change of plans and this is now getting the full blown treatment?

This is sooo amazing. So excited for both Jonathan and Rebekah. To get this sort of exposure, is really cool. Super awesome in fact.

It wasn’t there on the website this morning, but hopefully you can pick up the podcast any day now. Or if you can’t wait here is the link to itunes.

One thought on “OMG! Did I just hear that right?

  1. Thanks for giving me the heads-up Darren, I appreciate it.

    After listening, I can confirm with great excitement that our little (?) game is indeed on Eric’s list in second place!

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