My Top 100 Games ’17: 20 – 11

The penultimate part of My Top 100 Games. Yep the end is nigh. Phew what a relief.

As you can see the position of Android: Netrunner really does reflect how much I love the game. I think it may have been higher still and broken into the Top 10 if this exercise had been done before the last Most Wanted update and the decision to break up with the game. It was a hard break up.

Zombicide managed to just pip Run,Fight or Die! into the Top 20. And that is also reflected in the verses post I wrote, where the two went up against each other.

I really must do a verses for Imperial Settlers and  51st State: Master Set. And look at the underlying data to see why  Imperial Settlers ended up 11 positions higher.

So for the penultimate time here are the positions you are interested in…
11 Lords of Waterdeep (BGG Ranking: 47 )
12 Mechs vs. Minions (BGG Ranking: 21 )
13 Android: Netrunner (BGG Ranking: 28 )
14 Glen More (BGG Ranking: 225 )
15 The Manhattan Project (BGG Ranking: 174 )
16 Memoir ’44 (BGG Ranking: 107 )
17 Five Tribes (BGG Ranking: 48 )
18 Imperial Settlers (BGG Ranking: 106 )
19 Castles of Mad King Ludwig (BGG Ranking: 66 )
20 Zombicide (BGG Ranking: 267 )

Wow it’s the home stretch in the next post, the final post in My Top 100 Games 2017 edition.

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