Empire at War is nearly here 

It’s nearly here the third set for Star Wars: Destiny Empire at War (EaW). 

This set brings an emphasis on supports apparently. Plus it features characters from the Star Wars: Rebels cartoon.

There are one or two new characters I’m excited to play with(see collage below). Plus there are a load that we haven’t seen. If I remember correctly Lucas (the designer) in an interview on YouTube said there are 25 new characters in this set! But if I pull these ones to start with I’m going to be really happy.

There are definitely some supports you will not like seeing your opponents play. And absolutely hate to be on the receiving end of. Vader’s Tie Advance is the one I really want to pull here. It’s special is insane.

With the addition of EaW and the newly released 2 player set and the new cards it added, there are going to be some really hard choices to make when deck building. 30 cards is already too small to fit in everything you would like with the current 2 sets.

I’m looking forward to Dale and I cracking open boosters, and building our new decks and dueling away.

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