Countdown to UKGE 2017

Yep my birthday weekend celebrations are over. It’s back to work, and the business end of the academic year is kicking in as we work to get students through to completion of their course.

But in the midst of all that the UK Games Expo is fastly approaching.

I’m all set for the three days.

  • Hotel booked – check
  • Three day Expo pass – check
  • Fenland Gamers Meetup planned – check

The Expo is a low key event for me! I don’t wonder round stalls self promoting. I never mention the blog. I’m not there trying to get free stuff. I’m there to enjoy myself.

I am planning to have a lucky dip of the spare  promos I have. So if people spot me they can grab a random promo.

I’ll talk more about the Expo over the coming days.

Have a great rest of the day.

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