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An Early Top 10 Games of All Time

I’m just over 7% into my journey/experiment in ranking my game collection. That’s 1659 pairwise comparisons (so far).

I have an initial version of the lists/stats engine, that pulls off the results, calculates a value for each game in the collection, and then sorts that list into descending order. That sorted list is then printed out to the screen.

So running the lists/stats engine python script gives me the following 11 games as my Top 10 games (so far). Naturally as I complete more pairwise comparisons this list will change as more results are available. With more results the more reliable and accurate the list will be. I must do some research into at what point do the results generated become truly representative (is that the correct word?) There must be a tipping point where doing more tests is irrelevant because it doesn’t impact the results.

Anyhoo (and I bet that gets up the noses of some folks) here is the first very temporary top ten games of all time.


My Current Top 9 Played Games

Like a virus or allegedly funny meme the hashtag #mytop9boardgames is doing the rounds on social media.

So jumping on the bandwagon in a way. Here are my current top nine played games since I began recording game plays.

I chose to use my top played games because it’s measurable and I can explain why they are there. 

Once the pairwise comparison ranking has completed I’ll be able to do this list and then tell you where they fit in my rankings. Plus I’ll be able to do my #mytop9boardgames and know that they are exactly that, and the list is not entirely subjective and potentially influenced by what I’ve just bought and playing.

I am curious to see where these nine games end up in the rankings. I suspect they will end up being high up in the list. I’m calling it all top twenty. 

So what are your top nine played games?