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QOTW what type of games do I like to play?

The other day I was asked what types of game do I like playing? 

What a hard bloody question. Jonathan is quite rightly unashamedly a trading in the Mediterranean type of guy. He knows what he likes. But I also admire that he often steps out of his comfort zone and tries other things.

But what about me? What types of games do I like to play?

Often I’m very black and white on things. But on this probing question I’m grey. The lines are blurred. Insert cliche here.

I suppose in a way I’m a gaming omnivore! I’ll play most types of games.

I really enjoy lcg/ccg style games, such as Android Netrunner, Magic the Gathering, Ashes, and Epic. I like the deck construction. The building a deck round a theme, tactic, or combo. It’s really satisfying when that idea comes off (even if it’s one in ten times!)

Deckbuilders like Marvel Legendary, Star Realms and Hero Realms also give me a lot of enjoyment. Well I hope so because I play Star Realms the app a lot.

Let’s speed things up…

Drafting, worker placement, hidden movement, dungeon crawling, 4X, civilisation building, bluffing, set collection, abstract, all push my buttons. I enjoy the games that have those mechanics. Plus I enjoy the mechanics I haven’t listed. I just typed the ones that came to mind as I typed.

Big games, small games. Gateway, mid weight, heavy. Yep count me in.

Theme? Sci-fi, fantasy, modern, zombie, historical, trading in the med. I’ll happily play any theme. The cyber punk theme is one of the things I love about Android Netrunner.

I think my only criteria really for a game is “is it a good game?” If it is then I’ll enjoy playing it.

I suppose at some point in the future it’d be an interesting exercise to look at my collection and break things down to see how it breaks down by mechanic, designer, publisher etc. That might disprove everything I’ve just written, and show I do indeed have a bias towards certain types of game, designer etc.

In the meantime until I have evidence disproving it, I’m an omnigamer!

QOTW: Are we…

Living in a golden age of Star Wars boardgames?

In recent years we have seen X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault, Star Wars Risk, Loopin Chewie, the role playing game, LCG, Carcassonne Star Wars edition, and the more recent Rebellion.

All of these are pretty good if not great games. Yes there are still the themed monopolies but I try and forget them, and they don't dilute the fact that the above are miles miles better games.

So with all these great games based on Star Wars are we living in a golden age of Star Wars boardgames?


Well it's a question of something, I just don't know what, day? Week? Month? Will I even repeat this and ask other questions? I don't know. Will the question spark a discussion? Who knows?

Recently I had a whinge about how difficult a time I had selecting games to take to a games evening/gaming group.

But once you are there, everyone has bought games along to play, how do you select which game to play?

Usually at Fenland Gamers its a very relaxed thing, usually left to some-one eventually making a decision after everyone has said “I don't mind”.

In the Brettspiel Osternest Easter Basket they included a little card game that gamifies the process of selecting the next game to play.

I thought this was a nifty (do people still use that word?) idea. I can't wait to try this next week at the mo they Fenland Gamers meet up.

Share your methods of selecting a game to play at a games evening in the comments below.