BTN August 2017

OMG! What a month of gaming. Despite Jonathan being tied up with his new life event, who I would normally be playing more games with over the Summer, but was not able to. I still managed to play more games than last month, and get more plays in (that’s Star Wars:Destiny mainly). Some of those games were even big “epic” games. Games that take more than a couple of hours to play.

I had my son Nathan visiting for a few days and managed to get to play some games with him. Two club members birthdays also meant opportunities to play great games, with some amazing people in celebration of those birthdays.

Seven new games hit the table. That was pretty good. Plus I got a play of a game that although shown as new (I had played it before, but that was long before I started recording my game plays, but if you search back far enough on here you will see I talked about the plays at the time) kinda was! Well I hadn’t played Memoir ’44 as a multiplayer Overlord game. It really was great fun.

Yeah the Summer hols have been really great this year.

Without further ado, here are the nicely presented gaming stats for the month.

Let’s now look at these different measurement of averages for the month. The number of played games this month is a cats whisker under the average (which ever one you choose apart from the mode). While the number of plays smashes the ball out of the park.

The final section as usual presents the data graphically so we can try and see trends. What it tells me is I need to play more games!

My Game of the Month…

This month there was a field of seven potential candidates to choose from for my game of the month. But in reality that field was only four of them. Those four being Tiny Epic Quest (TEQ), Mansions of Madness Second Edition (MoM:SE), Battlestar Galactica (BSG), and The 7th Continent.

As I’m writing this post, and looking back at these games, I’m thinking this is really a hard decision to make. Which one has me chomping at the bit to play it again? Which one stood out above the others? MoM:SE certainly impressed me. So much so it inspired a new section. But was that enough to grab this prestigious award? BSG was fun. TEQ was The Legend of Zelda on the tabletop.

But I think The 7th Continent is edging it. I think the share scope of the game, the fact it has captured those “choose your own adventure” books from my childhood/teenage years, the replay-ability, the innovative save system. Plus I have to admit sadly that when I see the box I think “I must get this to the table again”. But it doesn’t stop there. Even though I have the game, I can’t wait for the Kickstarter that reprints the game! They are are promising new expansions. Which I want. There is a shit load of content in this game already. But I want more. Plus I want to buy the sleeves for the none standard cards. But mainly I want the new expansions.

This really does deserve to be my game of the month for August.

My gaming moment of the month…

This will be the first of an “as and when” addition to this monthly retrospective. The winner of this inaugural adhoc award can only be Mansions of Madness Second Edition, and the ultimate betrayal and screw job that got me a solo win for this co-operative game (you can read a badly written account of it here). It was hilarious when it happened. We were still talking about it a couple of days later. I’ve been boring colleagues at work with it all week. But then the looks on their faces of “do I look like I give a feck?” or as if I had just shown a card trick to my dogs was worth it.

Worst Game of the Month…

Once again this infamous award has no game to hang itself around.

Hopefully hitting the table in September…

Wow, I managed to get three out of the five to the table from last months list. I really thought I was going to struggle to get any to the table. My track record isn’t great. September is a busy month for us academics. We are expected to work! New students etc. So I am going to keep this a short list this month, and add just one new game.

  •  Zombicide – I want to get this to the table with the Big Bang Theory characters and see how they do in the zombie apocalypse.
  • Hero Realms with the character expansions.
  • Magic the Gathering Commander

As usual we have our regular events for the club, which are:

  • The weekly Friday Evening Gaming at The White Lion (or FEG@WL as I call it)
  • Every second Wednesday of the month we have our monthly meet up. This month that second Wednesday is 13th September, and will once again be at The White Lion.

Below are a sample of the current events/meet ups that we have planned for September.

If you are in the area and want to attend one of the events, please visit the Fenland Gamers Facebook page for further details about the event. Hope to see you there

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