Booster Pack Pulls

I’m not going to separate out the boosters by product. I could but I’m not. That’s too much work.

How many packs have I had to crack open?

  • 36 packs in booster box
  • 6 packs in prerelease box
  • 10 packs in bundle 
  • 2 packs in Planeswalker deck

I make that 54 boosters in total. So over a few posts I will be posting photos of the rares/mythics, foils that I pull.

Cracking packs is addictive. Once you start it’s very very hard to stop. 

Here are some stats from the massive cracking open of packs I did:

  • 13 foils
  • 6 legendary creatures
  • 8 of the new double faced cards

The following does not include the foil basic lands I pulled.

  • 12 swamps
  • 8 mountains
  • 7 forests
  • 7 islands
  • 8 plains


  • 23 treasure
  • 12 proxy cards
  • 14 vampires
  • 3 pirates
  • 6 dinosaurs
  • 2 plants
  • 3 illusions
  • 3 merfolk 

Plus the Planeswalker from the Planeswalker deck.

How did I do on my hit list for Ixalan?

  • Vanquisher’s Banner
  • Raiders’ Wake
  • Demolish
  • Dual Shock
  • Firecannon Blast
  • Star of Extinction
  • Sunbird’s Invocation
  • Crushing Canopy
  • Gishath, Sun’s Avatar
  • Huarli, Warrior Poet
  • Tishana, Voice of Thunder
  • Vraska, Relic Seeker
  • Unclaimed Territory

I don’t think that’s a bad dent in my hit list. 

In the Player’s Guide there is “The Top Ten Coolest Ixalan Cards”, how many did I pull?

  1. Jace, Cunning Castaway
  2. Gishath, Sun’s Avatar 
  3. Raptor Hatchling
  4. Vanquisher’s Banner
  5. Walk the Plank
  6. Dowsing Dagger/Lost Vale
  7. Revel in Riches
  8. Deadeye Quartermaster
  9. Bishop of Rebirth
  10. Kumena’s Speaker

As you can see I did rather well (ones I pulled in bold) with that list. With three I didn’t pull, but I’d got one from the prerelease weekend (in italics).

John the owner of my FLGS The Hobbit Hole did say on Friday when I was picking up everything that players at the store were going mad for “Hostage Taker”. His three copies were being snapped up in seconds. I managed to get one.

So I’m happy with that haul. I’m surprised that I didn’t pull one Planeswalker in this lot. But six legendary creatures or future commanders as I like to think of them, I’m happy with that. But two of them are doubles that I can trade/sell for others. 

I won’t be getting any more packs now for Ixalan until we start our next Magic League in November. We finish the current Amonkhet one next Saturday, with a Commander session on the 21st October as a casual fun break from the league.

Next set to think about…

Plus some stand alone products like duel decks that are coming out.

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