A Couple of Random Thoughts

1st July sees the return of Spellslingers. For those not in the know this is a web show about Magic the Gathering where the host plays a game of Magic against a guest who is “semi” well known. Ok maybe well known in some geek circles. It's shot in a similar format to Tabletop where the game play is interspersed with off camera interview clips related to what is happening in the game.

It's entertaining to watch and very over the top banter for the camera. I don't play Magic but I do like this show. I'd love to see something similar for games I do love playing. I think it would work well with Dicemasters, Star Realms and Android:Netrunner.

While talking about Geek and Sundry output, I just don't get their Twitch channel. Watching some-one play a game is boring! Their “regular” style shows are poor. The dancing by the presenters anytime some-one subscribes to their channel is annoying. I have to say the live Q&A stuff Dice Towers does is not perfect but miles better than the G&S Twitch output. In fact as I'm typing this I'm watching a live Q&A from the Dice Tower Con that started today. It just seems in a different league. I think the first thing that makes it stand out is the lack of stupid subscriber dances and not trying to constantly get folks to subscribe. G&S really need to take some notes from Dice Tower.

A question I posted on Twitter as a random tweet/thought was the following:

“Has anyone played K2 or Everest at the respective base camps for those mountains? Or even more cool on the actual mountains?”

Ok I know that last bit is very very unlikely and would be considered a waste of space and weight for a very dangerous activity. But hey I think it would be pretty cool playing the games in the shadow of the mountains they are about.

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