I rolled for the Galaxy 

So last night at the Chatteris Warlords after playing a two player game about a year ago with Nath, I finally got Roll for the Galaxy back to the table.

Once more my experience of the game was a two player one. I really must get this to the table with more players to see just how much the experience differs.

We both for a few turns didn’t have much of an engine to bring in money to buy more dice from the citenzary. Which meant I was stuck recruiting one or two dice at a time, and exploring/developing one or two point planets. I did manage a four point one! My tenth planet is one I wished I’d gotten much earlier in the game because it gave me a dollar/credit each time I developed/explored a planet.

In the meantime my opponent was scoring higher valued planets, and was producing a yellow planet which she shipped to get six dollars/credits. My only saving grace was she was conservative spending the money, and only buying three dice at a time. 

I hit the required twelve developed planets in my empire. Game over. But had I done enough to win?

We totalled up our scores and by the skin of my teeth I’d won! 

If my opponent had developed one more planet or had not had one of her starting worlds with no score, we could have been looking at a different result.

Thinking about the game now after the fact, I should have at least attempted to produce on my planets to increase my income. I wasn’t rolling more than three dice at a time. Which is shameful I think. I’m going to have to work out why I don’t do it. Is it confidence?  I like the game, I’m just not great at it. Well it is my second time playing.

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