Zombicide: Special Guest John Kovalic

Back when the Zombicide Season 3 kickstarted was running Cool Mini Or Not (CMON) gave me (ok not just me but everyone backing the game) the opportunity to add on various bits and pieces to our pledge. One of the ones I took them up on was getting the Special Guest box by John Kovalic.

I know John mainly (and I would imagine this may be the case for many) for his amazing work on what can be described as the “popular” game Munchkin, where he does the art work.

His cartoony humorous style could be credited for making the Munchkin games. I don't think they would be the same game without it.

So for me when they said John had been asked to design some characters to be used in the game Zombicide, my excitement level went through the roof. And clicking that add button to my pledge was instinctive, no thought process at all.

When you open up the box, inside you are greeted by four characters from John's comic strip Dork Tower (http://dorktower.com) Matt (blue), Cilly (pink), Igor (red) and Carson (orange), a small bag containing the obligatory little black skull level indicators, and the character cards in multiple languages. There are no zombivore versions of these characters. So once ya dead, ya dead! No coming back…

As the pictures show below the sculpts (that's the technical pretentious term for plastic figures) really are beautifully done, and have really bought Johns designs to life. A better person than I could really make these pop with some paint.

So let's look at the character cards for John's four creations.

As you can see they have 'Helicoptor pilot' and 'Fast roping' abilities split between them. Which is new for Season 3 (we have a helicoptor in Season 3 ^_^).

Just from looking at the characters Carson is my favourite. Apart from being a dog lover (not obvious is it having the wolf pack and all), Carson has that whole Snoopy thing going for him. Plus that little armoured personal carrier (world war two-ish I think, I seem to remember seeing something similar in my old British comics Battle and Warlord in the WWII stories from time to time), bren gun and helmet. All stuff you definitely want when taking on the zombie hordes.

UPDATE: it's been pointed out by John himself that Carson is in fact a muskrat. Who looking dog like apparently is an on going joke in the comic strip. But even as a muskrat Carson can still have that snoopy thing going for him! In the meantime I'm going to go clean the egg off my face. And apologise to Carson for the slight to him, and also to John.

If you are a fan of Zombicide and John Kovalic then this guest pack is a no brainer.


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