Yog-Sothoth Rises

Last night six fool hardy investigators bravely attempted to stop the rise of Yog-Sothoth.

Despite delaying the Ancient One by pushing the doom track back three times early on, three investigators making the ultimate sacrifice, Yog-Sothoth crossed dimensions to start their rule of the planet.

The first mystery card drawn spawned an epic monster called Dunwich Horror. This was one tough mother fecker. It’s health was the number of players plus two. So eight in total. I spent all of the game trying to take out the beast with bits of help from the other investigators. 

Because my investigator was Diana Stanley the reformed cultist, her ability meant instead of a horror score of three to defeat using a single dice, it was reduced to one. So if I failed I was only losing one sanity. While my fellow investigators would lose between one to three sanity depending on how cruel the dice decided to be. On the combat side I could cast my wither spell to pump Diana up to negate the minus two inflicted by the Dunwich Horror. Still thanks to hateful dice I wasn’t inflicting great amounts of damage. One or two points at most in an encounter. 
By the time Yog-Sothoth appeared there were six points of damage inflicted on the epic monster. Which I had done the majority of. Two fellow investigators had been driven mad. 

I just knew that one of the other investigators was going to come along and claim the credit for its defeat. But on our final round before defeat I inflicted another point of damage before another investigator went insane in their skirmish with the Dunwich Horror and ended the game.

We had lost and not even completed a single mystery.

It had taken us roughly two and a half hours to fail the world. All the setup had been done before everyone had arrived. So for six players I thought that was pretty good. I don’t think I’d like to play the game with more than that. 

Despite losing we had fun. And that’s the point really, enjoying the journey as you hurtle to certain doom!

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