Yesterday in Star Realms

Yesterday I woke up and as usual the first thing I did was check my emails. There was a facebook one telling me I had been tagged in a post by Freddy. I went to look what Freddy wanted me to see. Two players SongbirdT and TeaPotKitty had played a game where SongbirdT scored an amazing 54 attack to wipe out a 50 point authority score of TeaPotKitty to win the game.
Then later in the day worthless posted a similar screen shot this time knocking out ayoj with a 65 point attack.
It seemed the day for big knock out attacks on the fan page. Seeing those posts did kind of hit the confidence, making me feel abit out of my league.
Even later in the day in one of our games together it was Freddy's turn to play knocked about boxer on the ropes. However I was struggling to get the cards drawn to give the knock out blow. I kept drawing the initial starting cards. I hate being in this situation when it's me on the other end. You just want to be put out of your misery, but there is that little bit of hope, that light at the end of the tunnel. If I just hang in there I can get back in the game. But like a false summit while walking up a mountain the hope is also false. In reality it seems more like a cat playing with a captured mouse, while the other player is waiting for the cards to fall into place to dispatch you with the finishing blow.
Then the cards fell into place for me. And they kept falling into place, and the attack points kept racking up. And they kept racking up. Suddenly I couldn't believe it I had built up an attack score of 54 points. This was the highest attack I'd ever done in a game since I started playing. Previously my highest score had been in the thirties.

What a way to finish off a game. After seeing those earlier scores and having that crisis of confidence. I never thought I'd achieve a score like this. And on the same day as the other ones too.

Having seen those earlier games I challenged those involved to a game. I think I'm doing ok, and being a challenge for them. I'm hopefully taking part in the fan pages casual tournament this week. It will be interesting to see how I do.


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