Yesterday and today – a boring blog post title

Yesterday Justin and I had an initial look at Gloomhaven. After punching out all of the cardboard, we went through the first scenario to learn the game. Justin died turn two of the scenario which with the clock running out for the day, was a convenient point to call it a day. I think we achieved the main aim of the session to get familiar with the basic rules. We now need to find some fool hardy adventurers who are able to commit to a regular gaming session. Which we will probably do early in the new year.

Today was the last day of college for our students. So for those that were due in I ran a Magic the Gathering tournament. I put up four Ixalan boosters as prize support for the top three, then a couple of land packs from bundles as prizes for like the saltiest player, or the friendliest player.

We used Challonge to keep track of the tournament and results. For this tournament we used a round robin (ie each player would play everyone else once) structure, with each round being a single game. After 11 games, I ended up second with a 8-3 win ration.First place won with a 9-2 record, and was running a mono red burn deck. I was one of the two loses it suffered. Which if I had won my last match would have given me first place. But so many times when my opening hand is lacking and I don’t mulligan and chose to play with it saying “I’ll risk it for a biscuit”, it usually doesn’t work out. I really must stop doing that.

The students had a great time, one even bought in his pimped out gaming rig and his HTC Vive. So there was some vr stuff going on at the end of the tournament, plus one or two multiplayer games of MtG. I played a couple of games of Magic using a couple of the Battledecks from CardKingdom. I really am enjoying the latest one I have from them Uproar, which is designed to abuse the etb ability of cards. To be fair I’m enjoying the Battledecks more than I enjoy the official preconstructed decks (excluding the Commander ones). The Dino Might Battledeck is also a fun red/green aggro deck that I played against the Uproar deck. The great thing is the incredible price of $9.99. Playing a couple of these decks afterwards was a fun way to finish off the days tournament.

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