After the last couple of weeks this coming weeks new releases seems a bit disappointing. But I’m sure our Esdevium overlords have all the cool promises made at GenCon by various publishers waiting, so they can throw us the odd morsel when it suits them.

So what crumbs have been accidentally dropped this coming week?

I do like the duel decks that get released. For casual players like me they are great. I have a couple already, and enjoy playing with them. So I’m excited about this new one coming out.

Finally more tanks for Tanks, this time the Limey’s are coming. It’s nice they are giving us the chance to buy more tokens for the game, but £9 for some cardboard! Seems a tad on the expensive side. 

I’m sure we will be given even more reasons next week to rob the elderly, take lollies from babies, sell a kidney and our souls in exchange for cardboard.

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