I’ve not done a Week Starting for a couple of weeks now, mainly because there has not been much out catching my eye.

Which is good really, because it means my wallet has had an easier time than normal.

But as you can see FFG and Esdevium have plans to strip mine your wallet and then your bank account with a Star Wars themed collectible dice game called Star Wars Destiny.

Luckily for me I don’t have room in my life and bank account for another “life style” game.

Next up the amazingly brilliant game (that I have the expansions, promos and coins for but don’t actually own the base game) Viticulture Essential Edition is being restocked. Whilst it’s proper expansion Tuscany Essential Edition also comes out. 

I actually have the original paper playmat for Colt Express. But now a more robust version of it is coming out. This mouse mat material version is going to sell out quickly for sure. So grab it fast is my advice.

The Hood expansion hits for The Thunderbirds boardgame.

Guilds of London is getting a restock. This is really worth getting if you don’t have it. Don’t let the iconography put you off. It’s worth the effort.

Castle Panic gets another expansion. I don’t know too much about what this adds. But I love Castle Panic so this will be a must get.

Another expansion for Dice City hits. I’ve not started on the expansion route for Dice City. It’s a nice game, and better than Quadropolis. 

Finally £33 is all you need to spend to relive the magic of the children’s/geek classic The Goonies in The Goonies The Adventure Card Game in game format. I’ve not seen any reviews yet so can’t comment on how good the game is. You have been warned.

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