WS12Sep16 deep pockets alert 

It’s that time of week where I pick through the scattered remains left by Esdevium on the side of the road, and choose the tastiest morsels for our table. 

There are some pleasant surprises this coming week. 

Having just got my Kickstarter copy of Saloon Tycoon I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was so soon hitting the shelves of your FLGS so soon. I was a little smug also to see I’d saved a little money on the game too. You can see what I thought of the game by scrolling to yesterday’s post. 

Another pleasant surprise was that Grifters, another recent arrival from Kickstarter is also coming out. This is a nice card game with a cooling off mechanic for played cards. 

The third instalment of the Valley of the Kings game Last Rites is out. I like the original game, the theme, and it’s drafting mechanic. The only draw back for this is I understand it’s just more of the same, not introducing anything new mechanics wise. 

A game that had a bit of buzz at GenCon and does sound fun is Potion Explosion. 

They were bound to release this next one at some point despite the low opinion fans have of the source material. So next week Timelines will see an edition out that covers the Star Wars prequels. 

Spiel des Jahres winner Codenames sees the anticipated follow up Codenames Pictures out. Plus in the US there was a Target exclusive edition of the game called Codenames Deep Undercover, which we are also getting the chance to buy. This is an “adult” version of the game with some risqué adult words and blank cards to add your own words. I’ll only probably bother getting the Pictures edition.

Like Pandemic? Like Cthuhlu? Well you will love this next game coming out in the week. Yep the much hyped and anticipated Pandemic Cthuhlu mash up Pandemic Reign of Cthuhlu is finally out.

Finally the Android novella Monitor is also out. As you know I LOVE Netrunner and the Android universe. So you can be sure this will be ending up on my book shelves.

So you can see our table is full from the abundance of games this coming week. With Essen approaching fast, and GenCon stuff starting to come, I think we are going to see our table overflow a lot in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: forgot Covert is also out next week. I’ve only just watch a video on it and it looks good. 

Oh and Blood Rage is restocked, and the poorly reviewed by The Dice Tower Ticket To Ride Rails and Sails. Which holds no interest for me.

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