With a bit of luck

Thought I would give you a brief respite from the Top 100 posts. It’s not much of a respite because it’s still me wittering on about nothing really.

Recently (I think in the last couple of months) I was given the option of having Xia: Legend of the Drift System and it’s first expansion Embers of a Forsaken Star at the end of August. It was a kind offer by the publisher to allow for those backers of the expansion to be around to receive their Kickstarter backed goodies, and not miss the delivery because they are on holiday. I naturally took the “I want it yesterday” option because I can’t wait, and the situation that inspired the generous offer doesn’t apply to me.
According to the update yesterday the UK distribution company being used are getting 14 pallets today and a further 13 pallets tomorrow. So if I’m exceedingly lucky (which the last few Kickstarters have proven I’m not, as I seem to be on the tail end of the shipping lists) I could have all of the following by the weekend:

FOG 1752: Sellsword V2 edition SKU – Contains same as above plus Sellsword V2 Miniature, playmat, ability card, rules card, npc card and flight stand. (It also contains the Sellsword V1 playmat / ability card).”

Plus the base game. Well it would have been silly to have backed the expansion when I didn’t have the base game. And the Kickstarter offered me a chance to get the base game which at the time was not easy to get hold of (it’s gotten easier since).

But in reality knowing my luck I’ll have it by the end of the month. Just in time for the Summer hols.

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