Whose Watching Rorschach?

The custom Lego minifig of Rorschach from The Watchmen arrived today. The figure looks pretty awesome. There are some great custom figures available being made by very talented people.

Some parts also arrived for use in projects, like these walking sticks. I've added one to my custom hiker to give you an idea of one in use.
The Indiana Jones set came. The bits I wanted it for are really cool. Plus I now have an Indy figure for the collection.
Finally the Luke Skywalker and Emperor figures I have never had lightsabers. They didn't because they came with books. So I got some in to use with the figures. Sometimes it's the little details that make a model or scene. These and the walking sticks will make a big difference.
I'm still awaiting some parts to arrive from one of my usual places to get them. Usually they are quicker than this. Will have to contact them to see what's happened to them.


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