While I was sleeping…

You go away for a weekend, spend quality time with your son and everyone sees that as an opportunity to make announcements about up and coming expansions or eagerly awaited games.

First up is Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu.

This came straight out of nowhere. I mean why? Ok Pandemic was probably one of the handful of remaining game franchises that didn't have a Cthulhu version. And from what I've seen comment wise about this came it has already been described as Eldrich Horror Lite! How accurate that will be we really won't know until the game hits the shelves of the local FLGS, which will be just after GenCon 2016 where it is being launched hopefully.

The game is based on Pandemic with input from Matt Leacock, but the credit for designer of this version of Pandemic goes to Chuck D. Yager (not sure what he's done before off the top of my head, and I can't be bothered to use my ninja Google skills).

I always think that when an existing IP is given a Cthulhu make over that the company has run out of ideas, and are just trying to milk the cash cow. I bit like doing a Zombie/Munchkin version.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think the word I'd chose at the moment is indifferent. We briefly discussed this last night before our play of February in Pandemic Legacy. I know Matt and Jonathan were more excited about this than I am. However they were right that I would still be buying it!

Next up is news that the first expansion for Dead of Winter (which I still haven't got to the table to my deep shame) Long Night will be released by Plaid Hat Games at Origins 2016. Yes I will get this when it comes out, and I hope to have played the game once or twice before then!

Plaid Hat also announced that the very anticipated legacy style game Seafall will see release at GenCon. There is a lot of buzz about this game, and based on how much I'm enjoying a Pandemic Legacy will most definitely be getting this game.

One thing to look out for both of these games is pre-ordering them from Plaid Hat directly, it maybe slightly cheaper, or who knows have an exclusive promo. Plaid Hat like playing that game. Give them their dues, they do eventually make the promos available on their website to buy. So if you get your copy from your local FLGS but want the promo, don't pay the silly ebay scalper prices, wait. Yes they are not the fastest at putting these promos up for sale as the slowness to put the Ashes promo Phoenixborn up shows. But… Eventually they will.

Finally White Wizard Games are starting to promote the first expansion for Epic called Tyrants. The first teaser we get is of the card Draka, Dragon Tyrant. For card games this sort of teaser is typical. Give players a sneak peak of some of the new cards, build up anticipation and demand.

Based on no other fact that from previous experience of White Wizard releases, I'm expecting this expansion to be in a similar price point as the Star Realms Crisis expansions of around a fiver in real money.

I'd like to thank bgg for the excellent work of breaking these stories, and getting the images above (except the Epic one which I got from the Epic Facebook page). I'm not taking any credit for their hard work. I'm just taking credit for my editorial comment.


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