When multiverses collide

It was just a matter of time, a bloody long time actually when you consider it, but finally the worlds of Dungeon and Dragons have collided with the worlds of Magic the Gathering to give us Plane Shift:Zendikar, a set of rules for running a D&D campaign in Zendikar.

Plane Shift: Zendikar was made using the fifth edition of the D&D rules. D&D is a flexible rules system designed to model any kind of fantasy world. The D&D magic system doesn't involve five colors of mana or a ramping-up to your most powerful spells, but the goal isn't to mirror the experience of playing Magic in your role-playing game. The point is to experience the worlds of Magic in a new way, through the lens of the D&D rules. All you really need is races for the characters, monsters for them to face, and some ideas to build a campaign.” Quoted from the original story here on magic.wizards.com

Considering that Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast are effectively the same company the surprising thing is we haven't seen a cross over like this between these two giant fantasy ip's before.

And the great thing about this epic collision is that Plane Shift: Zendikar can be downloaded as a PDF for free.

You can get the PDF HERE


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