What were the hot must have games of 2016?

On my daily commute to work I like to take the scenic Fenland backroads, listen to the latest gaming podcasts or an audible book, and get lost in my own thoughts. 

This morning was no different. I worked my way across the Fenland landscape as dawn broke, with the latest Secret Cabal podcast keeping me company. 

My mental wander this morning had me thinking up ideas for posts to write over the New Year. 

One of the posts will be about what the hot games, the must have games for 2015 were. But just a list would be boring. The bit you would want to know is which ones had I played, which did I own, and further commentary on them. 

So what were the hot must have games of 2016? 

Well I know for sure Blood Rage and Scythe were. 

But what others joined them on this exclusive list? 

I remember that this years UK Games Expo that Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu had a lot of buzz. Especially considering that you were going to be able to play the game, and if you were ultra lucky walk away with a copy as well (there was a raffle to win a copy). But that seems to have all died down since then, I’ve not seen many folks talking about it since it’s release. 

The surprise must have, must be Mechs vs Minions. 

Is Pandemic Iberia also one of the hot must haves? I haven’t really seen people talking a lot about it online. 

What about Cry Havoc? It was getting a lot of buzz at the big cons. 

The second edition of Mansions of Madness also made a big splash. So should it be on the list also? 

Blood Bowl seems to be having a lot of buzz at the moment. Will Space Hulk be the same when the reprint of that happens? 

So at the moment the list of hot must have games of 2016 are: 

  • Blood Rage 
  • Scythe 
  • Mechs vs Minions 
  • Cry Havoc 
  • Blood Bowl 
  • Mansions of Madness Second Edition 

What have I missed? Have I included something by mistake?

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