What Just Happened?

So the game is poised at 46 to 45 authority, not many turns had been taken. The usual tit for tat exchanges of low value attacks have taken place. The cards are lined up for your next go to do a reasonable amount of damage, well take out a base and allow a couple of points of direct damage. You leave the game to await your opponents next go.

Your daily routine in the meat world goes on while the pause of anticipation of your next move builds up.

Finally the message pops up that your opponent has taken their turn and you have been defeated!

You go back in to Star Realms, replay the last turn. Watching in disbelieve that this has just happened. Silently you mouth WTF? You rewatch the last turn again still stunned.
Then you just sit back in awe at the skill that has just been shown. Wow. Well played.
However I do wish folks on the Star Realms fan page would stop sharing experiences like this. They seem like precognition. They have a spooky way of happening to me not long after they have been shared.
Have you noticed I spend a lot of time writing about my loses and hardly ever about my victories? I think that this is the mark of a great game. That even in defeat the tales you tell of the game are exciting. Besides it would be boring if all I talked about was glorious wins, or how I grabbed victory against the odds. Plus I think just talking about wins seems a bit crass and just gloating. Or it can come across that way.


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