Westeros Bound

Taking its place as my fourth command and colours based game in my collection is the just arrived today Battles of Westeros. This is another great purchase from the UK Trading and Selling Facebook group. Funny enough it could mean from the same guy I bought Battlelore from!

This is as the title of the game suggests a Battlelore game themed around the A Game of Thrones books. Now I know I haven't played my copy of Battle Cry or Battlelore, but I have Memoir '44, and I love the Command and Colours system.

I want to play them all. I'm lucky that Jonathan is a Memoir fan. I don't think it will take much persuasion to get Jonathan to play the others with me too.

The quandary I have is do I take Battles of Westeros with me to play with Nath at the weekend? I mean I haven't included Ashes this time. I'm trying Nath out with the deck construction mechanic by taking Epic before I try him with Ashes or Android:Netrunner. Plus I know if Thunderbirds does arrive I know I won't be able to resist taking that.

I know Nath is a Game of Thrones fan, he really enjoys the tv series (he hasn't read the books). So the theme will really appeal to him.

There are other games out there that use the Command and Colours system, but the only one I'm interested in adding to my collection is The Great War, if I remember the name correctly. Which is based around the First World War.

I still want the A Game of Thrones boardgame but for a gaming fix to take me back to the A Game of Thrones universe between series on tv this will I hope be far easier to get to the table.


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