Watching the train wreck

I think the following really does sum up the current situation for WotC and Hasbro over #magicgate as it’s become known.

I know it’s the holidays and all, but the deafening silence from said companies over the continued harassment going on in the community on both sides of the argument is worrying. There really should be some high profile bans going on. But at the moment WotC seem to be copying the three wise monkeys when it comes to people they like. They get away with murder, but god forbid if you are not in the approved list of abusers and harassers, then you can expect them to come down on you with the ban hammer. If evidence provided by the recently life time banned person is accurate, WotC are hypercrits, and actually view what that person did worse than actual physical abuse and harassment. Why do I say that? Well the evidence presented shows that a person can admit to saying “I hope you burn to death” and admit to harassing a magic judge at an organised event and not get banned. Apparently a person can threatened to, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, rape a WotC employee, and have a ban for making the threat revoked. Or get this this you can actually sexually harass a player at an event as a judge and get a temp ban, and then shown a route back to the community!!!!! Then there are new allegations that WotC, their judges program and now their event partner Channel Fireball don’t vet magic judges for being sexual offenders, despite young vulnerable people attending their organised events. What’s worse is that they are now trying to cover up (again I have to say allegedly) the fact that these convicted sex offenders were still judges at events after being convicted.

So if these allegations are true why are there not more lifetime bans going on? It’s also worrying that the so called “pillars of the magic community” are silent on all this, burying their heads in the sand. Mind you one or two of them should be getting lifetime bans too. Just because they don’t like the messenger doesn’t invalidate the message. So you have to ask why are they silent on this? Are they hoping if they bury their heads deep enough in the sand that the issue will go away? If these “pillars of the community” are all about the community then they should be speaking out on this. But sadly I don’t think they have the publics best interest at heart. Watch the “right” YouTube videos and you might come to that conclusion also (but for other reasons).

I’m just sitting on the sidelines, watching just how messy this train wreck will get. If you like high body counts, lots of collateral damage, gore, and being deafened by the sound of silence, then you really have to follow this. Both sides of the argument are committing atrocities against each other, the fallout is going to be messy. It’s hypnotic, and I can’t turn away from the carnage.

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