Valentine’s Day Gaming Suggestions

At this months Fenland Gamers meet up as we were saying our farewells I was asked about love themed games to play for the impending commercial celebration of relationships (does that sound cynical and jaded?) apart from the obvious Love Letter.

Nothing sprang to mind, I guess love isn't a popular theme! Then last night my wandering mind got to thinking is it a love themed game you want to play on Valentine's Day or a game that couples can play? I've come down on the later.

Love Letter has already been suggested, I love the game, but it's not a strong two player game. The great thing about this game is at least you can pick a theme that your partner loves.

I haven't played this next suggestion but it looks interesting, and that is “and then we held hands”, a two player only co-operative game about saving a relationship I believe.

I love the two player card game Lost Cities. I've played this a lot (using the marvellous app). The great thing is this should easily be available as it has recently been reprinted.

Codenames has a two player variant described in the games rule book. I've not played two players with this game, so I can't comment how well this plays but maybe worth a try.

I think the classic Carcassonne plays well with two players, and is an ideal game for an evening of romance. I'd also look at Tokaido (although this does simulate a third player) and Takenoko. Both beautiful games, both great games. Just decide if you want to bath in hot springs with monkeys and have the best experience possible on your journey, or grow bamboo, move around a cute panda and frustrated gardener.

If you want really competitive take that type games which is soooo romantic! Why not look at Star Realms or even buying a pack of Magic the Gathering duel decks? The nice thing these two suggestions have everything you need straight out of the box to play. No having to pre-construct decks on the Magic side, open shuffle and play.

That's my suggestions for that commercial day of romance from a jaded cynic. I've tried to stay away from two player skirmish type games, or ones that require tonnes of setup. Heck you want to spend time playing and enjoying each other's company, not hours setting up a game.

Let me know what you would suggest couples could play Valentine's Day in the comments below.


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