There wasn't anything last week from the gifts that Esdevium deemed us worthy to receive that caught my eye. However this week we are rewarded with a couple of items that interest me.

The first is Android Mainframe, the latest game from FFG set in the Android universe. Android Mainframe reimplements a game called Bauhaus, which I understand was an abstract area enclosure game. So I'm not sure how well the actual theme will come across in this game. I'm curious about the game. Definitely want to have a play of it. I love the Android universe.

Lastly the fourth instalment of Lost Legacy is out next week. Now this is good news for me, but bad news and of no interest what's so ever to Jonathan who hates the game! I won't go into what Jonathan dislikes about the game, I'm pretty sure he will contribute in the comments (I'm hoping he will to save me typing) with a rant about the failings of the game. However as I said I like the game. So I'm excited about this release.

So there we have it two interesting releases next week from my perspective.


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