Ultra Rare Costa Gaming Session 

A very very long over due Costa Gaming was held Sunday between Jonathan and myself. Jonathan wanted to try Caverna: Cave vs Cave as a two player game (he had only tried it solo that morning). Plus he had Le Havre: Inland Port he wanted to do a learning game of.

Between the car park and Costa lies The Works, well its a lot nearer to Costa than the car park. But it qualifies as between so I will stick to that description of its location. I thought you know what I’ll quickly pop in on the off chance that they might have a board game bargain in. I mean they did sell Sun Tzu which at the time was a bargain for this nice little two player game. Mind you they also sold the awfully bland deckbuilder built around the online game World of Tanks.  I didn’t see any games there but I did see some jigsaw puzzles that looked more challenging than Barenpark. I ended up buying a couple of childrens Lego Star Wars story books for their Lego minifigs on the cover. £2.50 each for an R2 and Rebel Snowtrooper was a good deal I thought. Whilst paying I saw two home made cakes by the till. This was enough of an in for the shop assistant to up sell me into buying raffle tickets to win them. It was for charity and five tickets for a quid wasn’t going to break the bank. So I bought five tickets and won a sponge cake with a lemon curd filling.
Jonathan was already at Costa when I strolled in with my purchases and winnings.

We started off with Caverna: Cave vs Cave. I really am liking this as a light-ish two player game. I ended up with a nice little engine that got me lots of gold (which are worth points at the end of the game). By the end scoring I maxed out on 19 gold. While Jonathan had built more rooms in his cave than me. Which when we added up everything meant that we actually tied on points.

Oh another reason for me liking this game. Shortest person is the starting player! Thematically it should be the most dwarven looking but I’ll take this.

Next up was  Le Havre: Inland Port. I have to admit I have been close to getting this since playing  Caverna: Cave vs Cave. But luckily I hadn’t done anything about it. We actually gave up on this game, with the intention of watching tutorials on line, and trying to work out what we were missing about the game. We were reading the rules and it didn’t make sense how we could buy stuff, and take all of our actions, especially the first player. It was a very frustrating experience. I think we have worked out those misunderstandings since Sunday. I don’t think that the rule book is as clear as it could or should be.

So with that frustrating experience lingering around, we chatted away, righting the wrongs of the word, catching up on life events, etc. By the time we had finished it was closing time at Costa. Thanks Jonathan for a great afternoon of gaming and chat. We must do this more often. We once did. Lets male it a thing again.

And finally a big thank you to Jonathan for providing me with photos of me in board gaming action.

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