UKGE17 – Stuff for Sale 

Pickup at the UKGE only. I’m there all three days. Can pay by PayPal in advance or cash when collected.

I will be adding to this page over the next couple of days.

SOLD £180 – Android Netrunner 

I’m pricing this competitively. Not splitting up. Collection at expo only. I will require a deposit to secure this.

  • 3 core sets
  • 3 playmats (photos below)
  • 3 deck boxes (photos below)
  • All deluxe expansions (Terminal Directive NOT included)
  • All cycles including the first two data packs of the latest Red Sand Cycle.

SOLD £45 – Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn

This is the core set plus the following:

  • The Duchess of Deception
  • The Roaring Rose
  • The Children of Blackcloud
  • The Frostdale Giants
  • Orrick Gilstream Exclusive Phoenixborn
  • Dimona Odinstar Exclusive Phoenixborn
  • Lulu Firststone Exclusive Phoenixborn
  • Ceremonial Dice 5-Pack
  • Charm Dice 5-Pack
  • Illusion Dice 5-Pack
  • Natural Dice 5-Pack

Apart from the Duchess and Roaring Rose expansions all cards are sleeved.

SOLD £10 – Playmat for Tiny Epic Galaxies

£30 – Magic the Gathering – Arena of the Plainswalkers plus Shadows over Inistrad expansion

SOLD £5 – Android Netrunner Daedalus Complex Datapack

Promo Phoenixborn – £3 each

  • Lulu Firststone x 2 left (6 SOLD)
  • Dimona Odinstar x 4 left (3 SOLD)

SOLD £25  – Official Ashes Organized Play Kit – sealed. Full contents listed here

SOLD £15  – Bottom of the 9th – includes Sentinels of the Ninth, Big League Support, no Bludle the Noodle promo card. One card is damaged (photo below).

SOLD £5 – Cthulhu Realms